Feed Sack Clothing…


Feed Sack Clothing

We usually think of feed sacks being a way women provided clothing and bed coverings during the economic hard times of the Great Depression. But actually printed feed sacks were used for sewing from before the depression to well after World War II. Even though the economy improved during the 1940s it was necessary to conserve because of the need for war supplies. Using feed sacks for sewing was considered patriotic and women still enjoyed finding attractive prints on feed sacks. One feed sack could have easily made a child’s dress or shirt, and three identical sacks to make a woman’s dress.

Magazines and pattern companies began to take notice of feed sack popularity and published patterns to take advantage of the feed sack prints. Matching fabric and even matching wrapping paper was available, too. Directions were given for using the strings from feed sacks in knitting and crocheting. A 1942 estimate showed that three million women and children of all income levels were wearing print feedbag garments. buchanancountyhistory.com

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