Wallace Nutting…

Wallace Nutting was widely known in the early 20th century when millions of copies of his work were sold. “Of the hundreds of professional photographers who were active in the pictorialist genre and competing for the tourist trade, Nutting developed what was by far the largest and most prominent operation, employing nearly 200 colorists, framers, and salesmen.”

He was also a craftsperson, writer and lecturer, and began his career as a Congregational minister. Retiring from the ministry in 1904, he moved from Cranston, Rhode Island to New York City for a year, then to Southbury, Connecticut from 1905 to 1912, followed by a move to Framingham, Massachusetts where he lived for the remainder of his life.

Nutting also built furniture, doing reproductions of colonial pieces including chairs and cabinets. His writings included 20 books such as Old New England Pictures, Furniture of the Pilgrim Century and Virginia Beautiful.

Peter Hastings Falk (editor), Who Was Who in American Art

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